MIT Schwarzman College of Computing

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Announced in October of 2018, the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing is a new college within the MIT community that seeks to take MIT students’ increasing passion for computer science and apply it across all disciplines, including ethics, health, finance, transportation, and more. Most notably, the Schwarzman College of Computing has launched two initiatives — Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Computing (SERC) and MIT Quest for Intelligence (MIT QI). Through teaching, research, and broader engagements, SERC seeks to facilitate the development of ethical and moral considerations when designing and deploying technology. They are currently figuring out ways in which ethics can be embedded into the curricula of MIT, and is inviting students to be a part of this process. MIT QI is a cohort of brilliant minds seeking to better understand human intelligence through the lens of technology, as well as how best to use this understanding to design machines that will benefit society. MIT QI is involved in numerous cutting-edge research projects that are open to MIT students, as well as producing profound discoveries in the field of artificial intelligence and ethics. Learn more about the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing here.

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