Towards Data Science

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Towards Data Science is an online publication and organization hosted through Medium where experts can publish articles on a wide range of topics related to machine learning and data science. But TDS has gone one step further, and started their own podcast. Each episode features a different professional in the field of STEM, which keeps the podcast fresh and intriguing, and allows it to touch on all different aspects of machine learning and data science. While many episodes are either strictly technical or dive into the data science practices at a specific company, many others touch on crucial aspects of artificial intelligence ethics, including “Edouard Harris – Emerging problems in machine learning: making AI ‘good,'” “Rohin Shah – Effective altruism, AI safety, and learning human preferences from the state of the world,” “Annette Zummermann – The ethics of AI,” and “Rob Miles – Why should I care about AI safety?”. For those looking to expand their machine learning and data science foundation at a high level, look no further than the Towards Data Science podcast.

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