Practical AI: Machine Learning and Data Science

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Practical AI is a podcast that focuses on ways of bringing artificial intelligence to the real world in accessible ways. This podcast is great for people who want to keep up with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and how they can be applied to our lives. While many episodes tend to be a bit more focused on the, well, practical uses of artificial intelligence, there are many episodes that address the necessity and possibility of artificial intelligence ethics—including “Practical AI Ethics,” “Explaining AI Explainability,” AI for Good: clean water access in Africa,” and “Exposing the Deception of Deepfakes.” What makes this podcast is unique is its coverage of specific instances of ethical and unethical artificial intelligence, rather than discussing the broader issue as a whole. Both are crucial, but if you are more interested in the actual ways we can use artificial intelligence for good, this podcast is for you.

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